Cheap transfer from Geneva Airport to Les Arcs 2000 (1600,1900)
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Transfer from Geneva to Les Arcs: taxi, bus or train

Transfer from Geneva to Les Arcs: taxi, bus or train

Les Arcs is one of the most famous ski resorts in France. It is located in the central part of French Alps and it includes four small villages, that are situated in an altitude 1200, 1600, 1950 and 2000 m. If you want to get there, you should get to the foot, to the city Bourg-Saint-Maurice and then by cable railway, taxi or public transport get to one of these villages. You can also book transfer from Geneva to Les Arcs beforehand.


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The nearest international airport to Les Arcs is the airport in Swiss Geneva. This airport is unique, because it is situated on the border between France and Switzerland and has separated French sector for registration.

This airport is closed from midnight to 4 am, according to the law about permissible noise level. French sector is closed from 11.30 pm to 4.30 am.

Taxi from Geneva to Les Arcs

The easiest, but the most expensive way is trip by cab. You should go out from the departure hall from the exit 2 or 3 and you will see taxi rank that is situated between them. The price for trip by middle class car begins from 200 euro. It will take you about 2 hours. You can book taxi beforehand here:

This trip will be quick and comfortable, but there is another advantage. The road goes near the lake Annecy and through the city Albertville, where the Olympic Games in 1992 were held.


The cheapest way to get from Geneva to Les Arcs is trip by train. There is no direct train to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, but you can get there at least with two transfers. You should get from the railway station in airport to the central station in Geneva. It will take you 6 minutes. Then get in to the nearest train to Chambery (the trip will take you about one hour and quarter), and from Chambery by the nearest train (or morning bus) another one hour and quarter to Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

Train from Geneva to Les Arcs

One ticket for these trips cost from 38.50 euro (two evening runs) to 41.50 euro (morning and day runs). The prices for second and the first classes begin from 43 to 53 euro.

Bus from Geneva to Les Arcs

There is no direct bus from the airport in Geneva to Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Les Arcs is situated between them. If you want to cut your expenses, you should go by bus and by train.

There are everyday Apski Buses that go four times a day from the airport in Geneva (near the fourth exit of arrival hall). If you want to get to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, you should go to Moutiers at first. It will take you about one hour and cost 60-80 euro.

Train from Geneva to Les Arcs

You should get to neighboring railway station Moutiers-Salins-Brides-les-Bains and then by train that goes every two hours or by bus that goes every 30-50 minutes get to Bourg-Saint-Maurice. It will take you about 32-37 minutes, the price is about 2 euro for the ticket for the second class and 8-9 euro for the ticket for the first class.

Transfer by hired transport

Many transporters offer their service in personal transfer. It’s not cab. They are similar, but in this case the price depends on many other facts, for example on amount of passengers, class of the car, luggage etc. This kind of transport is good for small companies. The price per one person begins from 118 euro. The driver won’t go with one passenger, so he will wait for other passengers.

If there are 8 passengers, the price goes down to 43.75 euro per person. You can book transport beforehand for fixed amount of passengers. The trip will take you about 2.5 hour. The disadvantage is that you will be with many other people.


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