How to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: personal transfer, bus or taxi
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Transfer from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Transfer from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The distance between two famous Israeli cities Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is about 60 km. A number of tourists combine visits of these places in one trip. Apart from this, Jerusalem doesn’t have its own “air harbor”, and the closest airport to the city is Tel Aviv’s one. There are several variants to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: by train, bus, cab or private transfer, as well as using leased vehicles.


  1. Bus
  2. Train
  3. Hiring a car
  4. Taxi
  5. Personal transfer

Buses from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The most suitable and cheapest type of public transport is bus. The bus №405 departs from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station towards Israel’s capital (from the platform №608, situated at the 6th floor of the terminal), from the railway station “Arlozorov” – №480. Buses arrive at intervals of 15-20 minutes, starting from 5:50 a.m. till midnight, however there are no buses available during Shabbat ( Fri 5:30 p.m. – Sat 8:30 p.m.).

The journey will take about an hour. The final destination in Jerusalem is City Central Bus Station. Bus tickets can be bought in the bus station ticket offices and terminals, as well as directly from the driver. Price for adults is 16 shekels. There are feed-in tariffs for children, students and the retired. If buying round-way ticket you will save 15%.

Central bus station in Tel Aviv

It’s also possible to reach Jerusalem from Tel Aviv Airport, but you’ll have to change buses. Firstly, you need to reach bus stop Airport-City by inland bus №5, which leaves from the terminal №3. Then you are to take the bus №405 or №945. Total cost of such a journey is about 45 shekels. Getting the destination will take a bit more than an hour.

It’s suitable to reach Jerusalem by intercity buses from air terminal or Central station. They depart after getting 10 people. They don’t have concise schedule, but work round-the-clock and even during Shabbat. Each passenger is got to the address needed. The final destination is Rav Kook Street. The journey will cost 60-70 shekels. Taking into account all passengers delivering to their addresses, travel time can expand to 2 hours.


The second type of public transport by route Tel Aviv – Jerusalem is train. You will have to spend about 1.5 hour on the way. The route is accompanied with picturesque landscapes. Railway transport depart from the several Tel Aviv stations: Central, University, HaHagana, Ha-Shalom and from terminal №3 of airport.

Central railway station in Tel Aviv

Railway station in Jerusalem serves as the final destination and is situated in front of the famous Zoo. Trains arrive around 10 times a day (from 5:00 a.m. to 7:55 p.m), but they are no routs during Shabbat. Ticket costs 29 shekels. For some categories of people (the same for buses) discounts are available. It can be bought in the terminal or ticket office. You are to keep the ticket until the end of the trip.

Hiring a car

You can reach Jerusalem from Tel Aviv on your own by hiring a car. Driving experience (providing presence of international driving license) must be over 3 years. You can hire a car directly in the airport building, at the one of the companies office, situated in the city, or you can book a service beforehand. Twenty-four hours hiring on the average costs $40, a liter of petrol will cost 5-6 shekels (gas stations are in a distance of 5 minutes from each other). The journey will take about an hour.


Cab (Taxi) has obvious advantages over public transport. Their service is available during Shabbat. It’s easy to find a car in Tel Aviv: cabs are waiting near the airport and railway station exit, near large malls. You can order it by the phone, via mobile apps or “catch” standing by the road.

All the cars are white with markings “Taxi” on the top, as well as being equipped with air conditioners. Taxi will deliver passengers to Jerusalem in 40-50 minutes without traffic jams. You will be supposed to pay around $90-100. Preferably to use the services of official carriers. Using the private ones foreign tourists are often deceived by the drivers.

Personal transfer

Similarly personal transfer will cost. Probability of deception and fraud from a carrier is almost zero. The way to Jerusalem will also take about 50 minutes. Transfer cost is $100 for passenger car and about $130 for minivan.

There is a wide range of online services. For instance, you can choose a suitable transfer using a widget below:

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