Photos of temple of Po Nagar in Nha Trang (Ponagar Nha Trang) - how to get there
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Phototour – Po Nagar Towers in Nha Trang

Phototour – Po Nagar Towers in Nha Trang

Po Nagar Cham Towers in Nha Trang is amazing monument of ancient times. They are temples that were built in the time of existence of commonwealth that is called Champa, during 7-12 centuries A. D. You can see this temple from the main bridge in Nha Trang so that’s why this place attracts so many tourists.

These towers are situated on the mountain Cu Lao and besides wonderful views this place can surprise you with wonderful energy. It’s real pleasure to come here and spend one hour or two, sitting on the bench and rest. The entrance to the temples cost about 20 000 dong. You can get there from the town quickly and cheap by bus №4. You can get there also by cab, but it will cost you about 30 – 60 000 dong.

Po Nagar Photo Gallery

You can get there on foot, using one of the bridges.

Nha Trang road

The distance to the temple will be about 2-4 kilometers (it depends on where you will start your way).

Nha Trang bridge

Nha Trang bridge view

While you are walking on the bridge, you feel fresh air from the sea and you already can see Po Nagar (from the left side).

Nha Trang

If you are going on the small bridge, the temples will be closer to you.

Photos - Ponagar temple Nha Trang bridge

It looks nobly and these steps use palmers and the faithful for decades of years.

The columns

The towers.

Po Nagar Nha Trang photos

The square.

Nha Trang Po Nagar temple

The small temple.

Small temple

This man is not a monk. Only after wearing monk’s habit you can enter the temple.

Ponagar Nha Trang photo

The architecture is marvelous.

Nha Trang Ponagar photo

Nha Trang columns Ponagar

The entrance to the main temple.

Main temple Ponagar

It’s cramped and dark, but you can feel the energy that accumulates here for hundreds of years.

Ponagar main building

The altars.


The Sanctuary Po Nagar photo

Sanctuary Ponagar

There is wonderful view on the north of Nha Trang.

Nha Trang northen view

The court after the temple.

Ponagar photo

Hand made souvenirs sellers.

Souvenirs Po Nagar

The place for selfie.

Place for selfie

Ponagar place

The yard.

The garden

The sign-board.

Welcome to Po Nagar Nha Trang

If you are going to visit Vietnam and you want to visit this wonderful resort, you can find out how to get to Nha Trang here. You can also book transfer from the airport in Nha Trang, if you are in Cam Ranh.


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