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Phototour by Vinpearl

Phototour by Vinpearl

Vinpearl – is a big complex for rest and entertainment. There are Water Park, beaches, hotels. It is situated on Hon Tre island and it was built in 2007. There are many photos of Vinpearl and also information who to get there, how the ticket costs etc.


  1. Prices and comments
  2. Gallery of Vinpearl
  3. How to get to Vinpeal

Prices and comments

The entrance to this park costs about 600 000 dong. In this price are included: passage, all swings and water attraction, rest on the beach (deck-chairs etc). Should you go to Vinpearl? Of course you should! The main advantages:

  • Unforgettable trip above the sea by cable-way
  • Many different water attractions only for brave tourists
  • Swimming pool for children and adults
  • Proper beach with clean sand and water
  • Swings
  • Oceanarium and cinema
  • The best place for cool selfie etc.

Gallery of Vinpearl

There is an unusual fountain near entrance.

The fountain at the entrance by Vinpearl

Steam locomotive.

 Steam locomotive at the entrance Vinpearl

The ticket to enter Vinpearl you can find near entrance or book beforehand in touristic agencies of Nha Trang or you can ask many other agents. The price is about 590-600 thousand dongs. The island and continent are connected by cable-way.

Cableway to Vinpearl Nha Trang from

Go into the cabin and enjoy wonderful views.

Good view

Species at Vinpearl

You can see the whole Nha Trang here.

Views of Nha Trang


Cableway to Vinpearland

We are close to the island.

Vinpearl - photo from cable car




Go out of the cabin.

Entrance to Vinpearl cable car

And see swings.

Carousel in the park Vinpearl



Vinpearl entrance to the water park

There are many cafes in the park where you can eat. The prices are normal.


There are also different shops.

Shops in the park Vinpearl



One more cafe with wonderful view.

Cafe in Vinpearl

Speed swing.

Carousel in the park

It’s a beach. Deck-chairs are free but there are not so many deck-chairs for everyone.

Vinpearl Land Beach

Attraction “made-up waves”.

Attraction “made-up waves”

Swimming pool for children.

Children's pool Vinpearl

Children's pool Vinpearl



When the sunset is coming you can enjoy wonderful views.

Luxury view

Nha Trang view



Vinpearl Land

How to get to Vinpeal

There is nothing easier if you live in Nha Trang: you can get there by can or by bus. You will need bus number 4. The price at this moment is 7000 dong. It will take you about 15 minutes to get from the centre of Nha Trang. It is not difficult to find bus station, but if you like comfort you should take a cab. The price will be about 50-70 dong.

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